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Roof Replacement

We offer full fixed quotes, no surprises at the end

Many people find the process confusing...!

We want to change that perception.  We are a one stop shop.  We can provide the complete service, including edge protection, materials and labour - all on ONE EASY TO READ QUOTE.

The hardest part of the process should only be picking your colour!


Re-Roof Projects

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Tay Street

Grey Friars Corrugate Re-Roof

This was a rental property where the roof was past its use by date.
Edge Protection installed, roof replaced and insulation was beefed up by ourselves to meet new requirements for landlords
Two Story properties, no worries!

Pioneer Road

Colour Steel Corrugate Re-Roof

The most common of our re-roof jobs.  House and garage from old to new.  Our team installed the edge protection before starting this re-roof.


Ngamotu Road

Pioneer Red Corrugate

Freestyle Roofing owns and installs the edge protection system - prior to work being completed.

We are happy to include this in the price for your re-roof project as it helps us streamline the work and saves waiting on other contractors to make the site safe.

Devon Street

Ironsand MC760

A steep roof and a tight site made this a challenging job.
This ex-dental clinic had multiple leaks, with the owner spending lot of money on costly repairs over the years.
With a new roof installed, there is nothing to worry about for years to come.


Connett Road

Gull Grey MC760

Its not just houses that need roof replacements.

This commercial property required a roof replacement.  We installed new skylights to lighten the workshop up. Wall cladding and spouting were also replaced.

The owner is now able to lease the building out, knowing his tenants will be dry and his building free from leaks!