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What really is a 'Family' Business?

This is my work 'family'! That's me in the middle, my husband is by my side, then there are my two sons, and then my son-in-law. Is everyone else family? No. So why call ourselves a 'family' business?

For us, we believe a family business is a company that values and promotes positive 'family' behaviors rather than placing importance on the bloodline of the people. You'd have to have a very large, and skill diverse family to fill all the roles required within a business. Sure, it happens. But for us....we've created our work family and we create the environment they work in! Take our Project Manager, Brendon for example (pictured far left) He was 16 years old, fresh out of school when he first came and worked for us, he's now in his 30's, married with kids of his own - he's like family to us. Liam (pictured second from right) started at 15, straight out of school and he works alongside his brother Jake (Far right) we've been friends with their parents for over 15 years. Family?

To us, this really is a family business!

We work hard to foster the behaviors that make a happy 'family' at work. We treat everyone the same. We keep communication open and honest and we all look out for each other.

This is Jake and his taller (but younger) brother Liam.

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